Red Bull X-Fighters: Motocross Got Some Adrenaline Shots

Red Bull is just about plastered to every extreme sport you can think of. Air Racing, anyone? Let’s do bike stunts this time!


Red Bull X-Fighters ($1.99; FREE)

I-Play has already impressed us with Fast and The Furious. Now they’re taking on some motocross stunt racing. They promise great graphics, sound customizations and huge fun! BUT is there any truth to it?


The game concept can be repetitive. Go fast, jump off ramps, and do tricks. So to keep the game entertaining, you need to make it look good, different, and have lots of stunts.  I-Play took care of this. As you play, you unlock new locations which vary in design. You also unlock new tricks, bikes, and bikers to play with. You have the crowd rooting for you and the lights on you. It’s up to you NOT to disappoint.


Presentation of the game is good. Keep in mind though you play the game as a side-scroller the game records you, so you can go back and replay in 3D with camera angles and all that fancy stuff. Graphics wise the game is well, and it performs smoothly on all devices. The game has 8 different locations and more than 60 levels (more in-depth look at these below) to unlock. It also features a total of 20 stunts and a series of bikes / bikers to choose from.



The controls of the game were well thought out of so that they would be iPhone friendly. Tilt to tilt the bike, and then draw on the screen a shape (like a M, a circle, etc) to do that stunt. Once you tap the screen the game will go into concentration mode which slows down time a bit. It also brings up a couple tricks on the side in case you forgot how to-do one.


Though keep in mind not all tricks you learn are there. You will have to learn some from heart. There’s also a option to turn off tilt and get left / right arrows, but tilt is better, though has one issue. Too sensitive. The controls could work though, they just need that added.



The goal of the game is to perform stunts and gain fans. EachF3MJ location has a number of levels. Each level is a different mode. There’s “performer” mode where you are required to perform a specfic trick as well as any others you want to earn a score high enough to pass. “Time Trial” mode where there’s no score limit, you just have to make it across the level as quick as possible.


“Pressure” mode where you must both beat the time limit and perform the required trick (s). “Show-Off” where the “track” is shorter than normal but you still have a score limit you must reach / pass to pass the level. Having different types of game modes help keep the game entertaining and not boring.



I strongly suggest the developers add a tilt sensitivity setting. I find it the controls too sensitive right now, though some might find it right or not sensitive enough. Either way, it’s basically a must for games that use accelerometer. It’d also be nice to have a better crash detection.

Currently you crash if you land while doing a trick or upside down or something, as expected. But you can land flat onto the ground, or onto a leaning mount of dirt, which isn’t too realistic. It’s not too much of a deal, and the physics of the game are good, but it’d be nice for it to be more realistic.


Overall, X-Fighters is a good game. With varying game modes and good quantity of tricks, it’ll keep you entertained for a good while. Though I did find the controls to be a bit too sensitive, it should not be too big of a problem.  If it is, you can always resort to using the touch controls.

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