Parachute Ninja Review: This One Is A Black Belter!

There are only quite a handful of games which survival modes I’ll put in the leagues of Doodle Jump, this game is one of them.

Parachute Ninja ($1.99)

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Freeverse has been focusing on some iPhone-ization of our most favorite arcade games lately, and it’s nice to see them present us with something new and very theme controlled. Parachute Ninja is very well rounded any way you look at it and the more you play it, the harder it is to put it down.


Everything is very polished, it’s what keeps me coming back. The game has that ninja thing going on what with the Asian symbols, gongs, bamboo sticks and heck even the music. Those things are all good because if you’re going to name your game something with Ninja in it, make sure the game is worthy of it.

parachute-ninja-1 parachute-ninja-1


You move around the game by jumping from one slingshot to the other. When you tap / pull back you get a faint line of the projected path. When in the air you can tap the screen to open the umbrella, and tilt the device to move around. There are also other objects such as the fan  you can use which work best with the umbrella open.

parachute-ninja-1 parachute-ninja-1


The story is short and simple. Basically someone sets your hut on fire, and you then go see this dude (the ninja master?) who gives you ninja clothes and sets you on your quest. What do you do in Parachute Ninja? Jump / bounce around. It’s surprisingly fun though. Your goal is to collect as many fireflies as you can on the way up and your score depends on this.

parachute-ninja-1 parachute-ninja-1

You start off on a slingshot platform on the bottom, and slingshot your way up. On the way up things start to spice up though. There are slingshots with a timer, that disappear when the timer finishes, enemies (you can jump on), fans that make you go up, and spikes you must avoid. The story mode, although nice, does not have much replay value. It has about 30 levels, which will keep you entertained for a quite a while, but survival mode is the best for replay value.


The survival mode instantly reminded me of Doodle Jump, and I’ve been playing it over and over, more than the story mode to be honest. You must climb as high as possible, without falling down into the water (and not too slow or the water will rise and kill you). Your score however does not count on how high you go, but on how many fireflies you collect. Combos help. Parachute Ninja includes ngmoco’s Plus+ network, so you can compete with your friends.


Normally this is where we rant about the things we’d like to see corrected but really can’t think of any. Yes, that’s a complement.


Parachute Ninja is a highly polished game, with high replay value that I’ve really been enjoying. Certainly worth the price if you want a game you can keep playing over and over again. You’ll instantly fall in love with the game, and this ninja will sneak on every free time you have…. you’ve been warned ;)

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