Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition for iPad Review: ROLLIN!

There were a few complaints with Super Monkey Ball 2 iPhone lacking some minigames and content. The iPad is correcting it…

Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition for iPad ($9.99)


Super Monkey Ball 2 HD : SE is a reimagining of the insanely popular iPhone version with some new added content and minigamesl. And at first glance, the iPad seems perfect for this game. But, does it live up to expectations? Keep reading if you want to uncover the naked truth.


Super Monkey Ball (SMB for short) is an excellent game where you guide on of three primate characters through a long series of levels via use of the accelerometer, and it has a very long play value and can provide you with levels that last well beyond your attention span. SMB was originally a Gamecube title, and it was an excellent fit for that platform, until the iPhone version, first released in 2008, changed everything. It brought this title onto a platform that allowed it to truly shine, through tilt based controls and tap navigated menus. But, does this version on the iPad take that excellence and improve, or is the game too clumsy and awkward on the big screen?


The answer to that question, is a resounding and undeniable YES. SMB on the iPad is a beautiful thing, and really takes what it was on the iPhone and brings it to a level all it’s own. The Spring-esque graphics, the smooth and responsive controls, and the new features make this the best version of Super Monkey Ball ever.


The graphics are full resolution, and have been reoutfitted with Spring colours, giving it an obvious difference with the iPhone version. These are very sharp and clear, and take advantage of the iPad’s hardware. The controls are identical to the iPhone version, you tilt for all controls.

What’s New

* Spring graphics made just for iPad.
* New levels
* Best Super Monkey Ball experience on any platform.

Aside from the above, there’s a new world, new minigames: golf and target and lastly a FOUR player head to head multiplayer!



* Recalibration option! I’ve been begging since 2008 for this, and it is NECESSARY for this game.
* Portrait mode.


Super Monkey Ball 2 HD : Sakura Edition is a great game for everyone to play. It is deep and very fun, with dozens and dozen of levels, bringing every bit of the SMB experience and more to your iPad.


This game needs no further description – if you have an iPad, you have no excuse not to purchase this game. Amazing, and worthy of my highest honour thus far of 9.5/10. It only needs that recalibration option, and this would be the ideal game.

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