Vampire Origins Review: True Blood And Twilight Said What?

Have you had your zombie fill yet? If so, there’s a new title out by Chillingo that will feed your desires.

Vampire Origins ($2.99 – ON SALE)


Vampire Origins is a survival horror game in which you must get revenge for all that Valafar has done. Does Vampire Origins stand up to all the hype it created? Or did it fall short of being a great shooter.


Chillingo incorporated some good 3d graphics in the game, yet all scenes are pre rendered isometric views which don’t really move. This allows for faster loading times, but less interaction with the environment. In-game sounds fit pretty good, as they give off a horror feel. What makes this game stand out from the rest is the fact that there’s more than just “point and shoot”, since at certain times you must solve puzzles in order to advance.



There’s two schemes to choose from depending on your preference. The first one involves virtual sticks that control your movement and shooting. At times the dual sticks can get frustrating, so there’s a touch screen control interface that seems to work better. When using the touch control scheme, you swipe in the direction you want to move, which then makes your character dodge roll away. To shoot at enemies all you have to do is tap on them, and bam they’re down. However, when in a boss fight, another control sequence is present. A line of blood will appear, then you must draw that line to perform a combo attack.



In campaign mode, you lead vincent on a hunt for all things evil. You have four different weapons at your disposal, a pistol, shotgun, a silver gun, and a stake gun. The default pistol will probably be the most used, as it has infinite ammo and performs fairly well. As you progress along, cutscenes are shown, filling you in on the story. Then once again, you must navigate along fighting off enemy zombies, vampires, bats, etc, until you reach a boss. Now when you face off with a boss, guns are traded off for a sword. If all goes well you continue on fighting. Don’t forget to use vincent’s magical eye, by taping and holding down until a bubble appears, which will reveal any hidden items. Items can either be dropped or found.


In an update that was just released, the introduction of a “nightmare” difficulty was added, to those who felt the previous settings seemed too easy.
Another game mode was also added, Survival. In survival, you face hordes of vampires that will keep coming until dawn. To make it challenging, you must conserve as much ammo as you can and make the right decisions to hold them off.
The addition of the Crystal Social Network is a nice addition, as you can unlock achievements and compare your skills with others around the world.



I think many people made a huge deal about this game. For a survival game, it has its ok moments. Yet I felt that I was doing the same actions over and over. For one, the graphics are nice, but having only one set camera makes it boring. At times it’s hard to see what is around and it becomes fairly easy to run into objects, making movement difficult, especially when under pressure. I like the fact that Chillingo tried to spice up the game by adding puzzles and such, but it still isn’t enough. Boss fights, now this needs some refinement. As soon as you go into one, your control over vincent is hindered.

Pre made fight scenes are going on as you draw on a line that appears somewhere on screen. How boring is that? But that’s not it, it takes FOREVER to finally finish a boss off. The story needs some more too it also, as most of the time I’m wandering around and shooting the same enemies, then it’s all cut short. Survival mode is a nice feature if you just want to see how long you can last against a horde of creatures. However, I find that it lags when there’s lots of action going on. This results is slower reaction times and much frustration. An interesting idea would be if there was some co op mode in survival that puts you and a friend against a horde of enemies.


Vampire Origins is probably not what you would expect. As a third person survival, it needs work in order to be good. Graphics and sounds are great, but the story seems bland. At a 7$ price tag, I would have expected this game to be superb, however it fails. I would suggest to try and hold off on getting Vampire Origins until an update is released or there’s a price drop.

GUESS WHAT? The game has been dropped to $2.99 between I wrote this and when we published. Chillingo’s got precognition or what?

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