Flick Baseball Pro Review: Freeverse Hits A Homerun!

Flick Baseball is the latecomer to the baseball simulator party. It was announced a LONG time ago, and just recently emerged from the bowels of Freeverse.

Flick Baseball Pro ($0.99; FREE)


This was a sudden arrival, but a very welcome one. This game may be the new baseball game to beat, for so many reasons. I hate typical sports games (mainly on consoles, but that’s a moot point), but a really love this game, an order of magnitude more than any other realistic sports game I’ve ever played – period. Read on for my interpretation on this marvelous game.


This game is a much-hyped and avidly awaited baseball title from Freeverse. Once presumed to get official branding, we are alas left with such teams as the Flamingoes and the Pirates, fictional teams from actual cities. But for a non-sports fan that really changes nothing; I couldn’t care less about playing as a favourite player.


All in all, this game is a very realistic feeling game that accomplishes what I feel that it should; being a simple, intuitive, and sensible game that anyone can play. Freeverse doesn’t want or need to appeal to hardcore MLB fans. This game is excellent, and really offers tons of flexibility and realism, all wrapped in a beautiful and semi-realistic graphical coating.



The control here are varied, but logical. You progress through menus with a series of taps, and then, once in game, you are surprised with awesome controls. To bat, you tap your way into the batter’s box, allowing you to pause as long as needed between batters and pitches. Once in, you tilt your device up, down, left, and right to direct your bat-shaped crosshairs. Once the pitcher throws, you tap to swing. This involves tons of guessing, and is very tricky. Once the inning is out, you become the pitcher (and the rest of the players).


To pitch, you tap one of four main pitch types, and tilt your device to direct where your ball will wind up. This is very simple. Assuming that they hit it into the outfield, 4 gloves will pop up, and you tap when they overlap to catch the fly. You can then tap one of the four bases to throw the ball there, to attempt to get additional player out. These controls are very natural and easy to pick up.


The gameplay is equally straightforward. You can either play a lone exhibition game, or you can play a season of varying lengths, from full length to playoffs only. This suits people of any dedication, time, and attention level, and further opens the door to the general public. This is a very relaxed and self-driven paced game, a game can last as long as you want to take to play it, even if you want to skip every inning. The complete gameplay is realistic, even if the teams are not. This is an excellent way to make the game, even if it is a bit past-due.



* MLB sponsored teams. As little as I care, that would really help take the game 100% mainstream.
* iPad version.
* Customizable difficulty levels.



Flick Baseball has done precisely what Flick Fishing and Flick Bowling have done. Taking a complex sport, and making it absolutely perfect for the device and a vast audience. I couldn’t ask for a better baseball game, period. This game is amazing, and a joy to play and review.

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