Super QuickHook: The Next Hooking Sensation Submitted!

A little late on the post as the game was really submitted last week so the game is due anytime soon. I’m talking about Hook Champ‘s upgraded brother in Super QuickHook:

So what’s new? “Avalanche Mode is still in.  With 60 different sections, this endless, random mode features a crushing, deadly avalanche and multiple secret paths.  We also added 17 exploration-style levels to conquer with your grappling hook. ”


Pricing Info

The game will release at $1.99 on its first day which will also unlock two exclusive hats for first day buyers. The game will then be $2.99 after that at which point the game will “never” go on sale again.



I have tried the game out and thought it was really a step in the right direction or evolution so to speak of this series. The graphics are 16bit now and the gameplay is more diverse.


Tons of new levels and unlockables as well as the new Avalanche/Endless mode make this worth your while. Definitely keep on eye out for it.

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