Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2 Review: Zooms Past Other Arcade Racers

Crash is a long running series that almost anyone who has played games on a console will be familiar with. In many ways, this was Vivendi Games’ Mario – and it is worthy of that praise.

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2 ($9.99)


If you have ever wanted Mario Kart on your iPhone, Activision if delivering for you with this game. This game is very much the hit title that Crash Bandicoot has always brought to its platforms, but read on for the details.


Crash Kart is a great kart-racer for the iPhone. While the original was one of the App Store launch titles that enjoyed great success, it was lacking in the gameplay depth, graphical crispness, and general awesome, this game catapults into 2010 looking like a DS game, and playing just as well.


You will be legitimately surprised when you dig through the different maps, cups, and gameplay modes and find hours worth of fun – approaching the replayable excellence of Mario Kart DS. The whole game is wonderful from beginning to end including the controls.


The controls are fairly standard affairs by this point, and you can go from nearly any racer on the App Store to this one with no adjustment. However, just because this game is standard, doesn’t make it bad. The controls are popular because they work. The accelerometer exists for just this application, and this game is good at it.


The sensitivity of the controls are perfect 99% of the time. You simply tilt to turn and move, and tap to jump and begin drifting. These are the extent of the main controls, in addition to tapping in the power up zone to launch your weapon. You also have another controls option of holding down your finger to manually accelerate if that’s your faux pa.


The gameplay has come leaps and bounds since it’s beginnings as version 1. Instead of the meager offerings in levels and play from the original, you have a wide variety of cups, and different gameplay modes to suit almost everyone. You have online multiplayer (tons of fun and extremely well done from the real masters of multiplayer), cups, missions, tournament eliminations, time trials, arcade mode, and skill.


This is extremely an extremely wide variety, equaling that of console games. This is all well done – the cups and tournaments are amply difficult and extremely fun, while the other modes are a bit more self-centric and casual. All the variety is shocking, and gives the game a real value for it’s price.



* iOS4 readiness. Perhaps it’s just a random bug, but the controls gave out a few times.
* iPad version. We’re already owning Shrek Kart, let’s invade some more territory.
* iPhone 4 graphics. Why not?
* More cups and levels.


Crash Kart is an absolutely amazing racer, that is easily the best casual one on the App Store. We have come miles from the old version, and solidly into portable gaming territory. I enjoyed this game, and I can guarantee that most everyone else will find high praise for it as well. Just buy it. Don’t look back.

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