Pride and Prejudice Zombies Review: Jane Austen Grins From Eat To Ear

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a critically acclaimed modification on the book by Jane Austen, solving the mysteries within, by adding zombies.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies ($2.99)

This is effective in the book, and how Freeverse brings us a game based upon that book, and does an excellent job at bringing gameplay to the table. In line with the actual plot? No. Effective and making for a great game? Absolutely.


This game is a fighter/shooter at heart, where Elizabeth has training from a Chinese monk, allowing her to combat the incoming hordes of zombies. This is a great way to make a story for the game, and it is very pretty and elegant. The graphics are very dark, but fit with the 19th century look and feel that it goes for.

The game remains a side-scrolling fig her, and does a great job of it, being sufficiently long and certainly difficult, while not being boring or redundant. The dynamic constantly changes, and this makes the game interesting. From unending waves of Flaming Zombies, to huge boss zombies, which are more difficult. Even the controls are great, and very much intuitive.


The controls are simple and easy. You have a directional nub to move Elizabeth, up, down, forward and back. This is ideal, and works beautifully. That is the only conceivable way to play it, especially with the other play mechanic. To execute attacks, you have to gesture in the remaining area of the screen, in all directions, up, down, left, right, and all the diagonals.

These execute attacks, from a spin to a forceful thrust. You also have a tap move, just a basic swing, which can be very strong and useful against larger numbers, when you cannot execute more complex attacks. This makes for a very intuitive control method that is made for iPhone.


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. What a great title, and it makes for great gameplay as well. You play as Elizabeth, who has received training from a Chinese monk in the way of martial arts, and you have a katana. You advance through waves and waves of different zombies, to protect the others.

You hack and slash at the oncoming zombies, touch zombies, flaming zombies, boss zombies, and more, with both your katana and your body, with various combinations of moves using the controls outlined above, and explained in game. This makes for a great hack and slash side scroller. This game is effective at doing what it is supposed to do, with no frills or distractions. You never hop in a carriage and drive. The whole game centres on the concept of killing zombies. Awesome.


* iPad version.
* iPhone 4 graphics.
* More levels
* Deeper Plus+ integration.
* More weapons, or combinations of moves an control. Perhaps a jump with a quick shake to some end?


This game is very good, and a solid, worthy side scroller for the iPhone. You couldn’t ask for a better adaptation of the pop-culture book into a game than this provides. You can’t help but love this game, and is another hit from Freeverse. I highly recommend this game, and everyone should consider buying this great game.

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