FREE iPhone Tethering Without Jailbreak? There’s An App For That [ACT FAST]

While it’s not exactly news anymore when stray apps get approved such as NEScaline, this next app should be more useful to many. AppShopper first reported about Handy Light which has a hidden Tethering Feature:

Check out the demo above on how to enable tethering. iPhone tethering as most of you know is the ability to use your iPhone’s 3G signal as a network/internet connection for other devices such as a Mac or other iPhones.


  1. Set up an ad hoc Wi-Fi network on your computer (network name and password requirement are not important).
  2. Connect to the Wi-Fi network you just created on your iPhone through the Settings/Wi-Fi menu.
  3. Tap on the blue arrow to the right of the selected Wi-Fi network, click Static in the IP Address menu and enter the following IP address and chuckle at its geek quotient:
  4. Next, enter in the Subnet Mask field.
  5. Back out of the Settings menu to ensure these settings are saved (though hitting the Home button right away shouldn’t change them).
  6. Follow the next sets of step over at AppShopper

Do NOT Blink OR It Will Be. GONE

A lot of blogs are now reposting from AppShopper’s original article. I’d be surprised if this isn’t taken down within the hour. Also, will Apple use their remote wipe function? Who knows but for $0.99, it’s worth a try.

NOTE: If you don’t have the unlimited $30 AT&T data plan, watch out for your usage or your bill balloons into thousands of $$$.

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