CDMA iPhone, Verizon iPhone At Engineering Verification Testing

John Gruber once again spoke about the much rumored Verizon iPhone the other day and shed even more light. This CDMA iPhone is codenamed N92 around the Apple campus, and it’s supposedly on EVT also known as “engineering verification test”:

I don’t know anything about negotiations with Verizon, and I doubt anyone does other than the highest-level executives at both companies. But I do know that engineering-wise, the wheels are turning on N92, the CDMA variant of the iPhone 4. It’s certainly not in production yet, and hasn’t reached DVT status (device verification test – like Gray Powell’s infamous stolen unit), but it is, a few little birdies claim, at EVT (engineering verification test). That’s one step below DVT, which is one step below production. So it’s right about where you’d think it would be if it were scheduled to go on sale in January. The CDMA iPhone is no longer a cold storage, keep-it-alive-just-in-case-we-need-it project.

If his birdies are correct (and they have been in the past), we could really finally have a CDMA iPhone sometime next year. Here’s what isn’t as clear as the previous, Verizon may not carry it.

What do you mean Verizon won’t carry it? How insane would Apple be not to launch it with Verizon, the largest network carrier in the US? Look, it most likely will ship with Verizon, but nothing is definite.

You should go his post. He goes on and analyzes how much Verizon will sell if this iPhone gets released with them.

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