Doodle Jump Releases FREE Retina Update: Crystal Clear!


While everyone’s still waiting for Doodle Jump iPad, Lima Sky couldn’t stop themselves from offering Doodle Jump in HD (iPhone 4 wise). Last night, Doodle Jump Retina Update came out:

So far there are only three levels retina display ready: underwater, space and the original of course. The only added real update outside of the graphics is more enemies for the underwater world.

The game is simple and very easy to pick up. If you’ve played Papi Jump or Kitten Jump before then you already know what you’re getting into. For those of you new to this genre, the goal of the game is to reach the highest height you can attain. You do this by jumping off paddles using accelerometer controls.

If you have the game, update the game ASAP. If you still don’t have this game AND you have an iPhone 4, shame on you. Buy the game now!

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