Mr. Cond Review: Why Does This Game Exist? For Protection!

Mr. Cond. Yes, you heard that right. A game themed with condoms and semen, which tries to do what a condom does best – contraception.

Mr. Cond ($0.99)


You prevent the sperm from getting it past you. By shooting condoms at them. It’s intriguing if you can call it little else. Spermicide on crack.


Mr. Cond is a simple game, which is a shooter in many ways, but is hard to determine – you are shooting condoms after all. You shoot these condoms to hold back the naughties – sperm, DNA strands, and more – and let through the good things, the pill and spermicide. This is an interesting, and provocative theme, but it is actually a good game, and well made as a whole.

The graphics are very much appropriately set for what this game is, and the gameplay is simple and intuitive. This is a game that is good in gameplay, and uses provocative graphics to catch attention out of the 100,000 games in the App Store. The controls are also very good, but might be able to use some work.


You controls your condom shooter with your finger, and fire it with the “Fire button in the bottom corner. This is all you do to control this game, and it works out very well. Shoot as many or as few condoms as you want, and try to catch only sperm – birth control is your friend.

This is all as good as imaginable – I’ve never contemplated shooting microscopic condoms, but if I ever wanted to, I guess this is the best way to do it. They could use one minuscule adjustment though – take away the Fire button, and make the entire area of the screen a fire button, that would be extremely intuitive, and work even better.


The gameplay is as provocative as any other part of the game. You are inside of a woman, and you are armed with microscopic condoms. You need to stop the sperm from passing, or else risk the worst. This is done as a shooter, you fire these condoms out, and try to capture as many as possible, while letting “the pill” pass, as well as some other helpful items. This is a unique theme for this game, but I cannot say that it is a bad one.

Provocative? Absolutely, and it wouldn’t have made it into the App Store just over a year ago. Effective, and fun? Again, absolutely. This gameplay is familiar, it works the same way as any other shooter you have invariably encountered, and yet offers something different, just by changing the graphics and the setting.


* iPad version.
* iPhone 4 graphics.
* Role inversion. Play as the vile sperm, trying to complete your sole purpose in life – FIND THAT EGG!
* That simple control modification – tap anywhere to fire.
* Better explained system for winning and losing.


Mr. Cond. An attention grabber if there ever has been one. But also a game that i dismissed by most buyers – it’s condom themed, come on. But it is actually very good, and makes for a good playing experience, even if it is NSFW. I recommend this game, even if it may catch some odd stares while playing in the local Starbucks.

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