iPad 2 To Feature Dual Dock Connectors? [IMAGE]


Nothing quite brightens your morning and Monday than hearing news about the much chased after iPad 2G news. The web was abuzz with iPad news over the weekend especially with this image from PatentlyApple:

The current gen iPads are only host to one 30pin connector at the bottom of the device. Adding a side dock to the unit will bring natural landscape docking to the iPad. There are accessories to support landscape right now however.

But still, having landscape mode docking is a pretty big deal considering most iPad users use their tablets in this mode anyway. One good thing to note is that this might be a draft design for the current iPad. This image is no way to be taken as a true image of the next generation iPad… at least not yet.

Notice how the front middle hole resembles more of a sensor than a front facing camera. Not knowing anything about the iPad 2 for now, I think we can safely say it would at least support Facetime.

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