Need For Speed Hot Pursuit iPhone Review: This Game Is Mad Hot!


The TV show LOST was able to show emotions of both pro and antagonists. This NFS installment tries to show the game from the cops’ perspective.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit ($4.99)

In NFS: Hot Pursuit for iPhone by EA, you only play as the police. Even though the console version lets you jump between the police and the racers, this game is still unbelievably good. The first two were a hit, I assume this one will be as well.


The cars look amazing. The graphics are top notch for the iPhone, especially with retina display. The sound adds to the realism of the game, also there is music in the background. You can switch the camera view to inside the car or outside view.


You control the steering by tilting the device. The acceleration can be switched between auto and manual. You break by touching the left side of screen and turn on nitrous by swiping up would.


In career mode there are 4 acts, each have 6 levels. So they’re 24 levels in total. Each level is rated out of 5. They are a few different types of levels. One being tough justice, where you have to take down a number of racers in a time limit.

There is also Power Struggle where you race against 3 other police cars. In some levels you use some ‘weapons’, such as roadblocks or spikes. The stars you get whether by finishing levels early or performing tracks get converted to bounties.

You level up by earning bounty on levels. There are a number of good cars you unlock as you level up, what are converted into police cruisers, including Nissans, Porsches, and Lamborghinis. There is local multiplayer but no


Being able to play as the racers is clearly the number one request. Online multiplayer would also be awesome, as one could be police officer and one the racer.


Being the police is very fun and different from a lot of the other car games. It’s very good as you are always unlocking a new car or a new level after nearly every race. The game has insane graphics and, though mobile, NFS Hot Pursuit iPhone still captures the core spirit of the game. Yep, this one’s a must buy!

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  • Jamie Jackson

    in the review when you say in car view doe that mean a cockpit view or a bumper view?

  • Jamie Jackson

    in the review when you say in car view doe that mean a cockpit view or a bumper view?

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