Real Racing 2 Review: Still The King of iOS Racing Games

The game is directly comparable to Gran Turismo 5′s quality, but with several less delays :)

Real Racing 2 ($9.99)

Real Racing 1 already looked gorgeous, we knew this. When the iPad came out the HD one was great, and the retina update for it was also great. Well I’m here to tell you Real Racing 2 makes the previous look like a joke.


Even better, the sequel has a much more realistic look to it, with more detailed environments and objects in it decorating it, and it runs smooth as butter. The UI has also been modified to be a bit less cluttered. The menu system is completely new, and the position / lap info is now displayed on the top (yes, it moves when you tilt!) instead of to the side of the car like in the original.

The other big addition to the game were the real licensed cars. There are 30 cars in the game, and they are all real from manufactures like Honda, Ford, BMW, Volvo, and other more high end brands. There’s only a handful of them per company, but they make a huge difference in the game from the generic lookalikes from the original game. The cars can also receive damage, most noticeably the bumpers fall off, so every so often you’ll see a bumper flying in the road in front of you.

Last but not least is something subtle, but very important for me in this particular game: the soundtrack. If you bought the original one on release you may remember the rather epic soundtrack it came with, which was later replaced with a more techno soundtrack due to legal reasons. Personally, it never felt the same. Real Racing 2 brings a much better soundtrack, a bit similar to the original one, which fits the game rather well, and I’m loving it.


Controls are just as good as before. You still have several options for the controls, whether you want accelerometer steering or touch steering, auto accelerate or manual accelerate, etc. All these were in Real Racing 1, and Real Racing 2 actually has a few more options. To help you out with the controls Real Racing also brings back it’s steering and braking assist. You can tweak these assists, or turn them off completely, to give you a more in control experience if that’s what you’re after, though I suggest you use the assists and gradually lower them.


One of the most impressive things about the original Real Racing was the A.I. in the game. It wasn’t like previous racers on the AppStore at the moment which felt like the racers were following a drawn line. I was impressed that Firemint was able to improve the A.I. even more in the sequel.

This time around the A.I. is much more challenging. Maybe it’s just the more realistic racing model, but the opponents definitely feel a lot more aggressive. They will bump, overrun you and just do whatever it takes to win (just like you). This combined with there being 16 opponents at once, it’s way more of a challenge. You can play the game from different camera angles, the most impressive one being the cockpit view.

The most fun part of Real Racing 2 is its Career Mode. This is where you’ll unlock tracks and cars for use in the the other modes the game has to offer. Certain cups require specific things, such as a specific performance number for your car, etc. All the tracks are beautifully modeled, with things changed up in each of them to maintain your attention. Of course, the game has the mandatory quick race and time trial modes that we’ve come to expect racing games to have, and a multiplayer mode that includes online racing.


I know this may seem silly, but I do have one small request for Firemint to add to the game in the future, and it’s nothing new, even the original has it. When you pause the game, RR2 puts you back in action immediately, where as RR1 gives you a quick countdown. It’s small, but it’s a pretty nice touch that I’d love to have in the sequel in the future.


Real Racing was the king of racing games on the App Store when it was released, and kept that title until now. The only thing to replace that is the sequel which makes the original seem like child’s play. Real Racing 2 is fantastic, and I can’t recommend it enough.


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    I’m surprised they have not “hang on” under the heading “Out of the Car Racing ‘.

  • blizzkreme

    I am curious to try this game. Just been quite busy testing out with Farm Harvest Looking forward to try this soon.

  • blizzkreme

    Looking forward to try it soon.. Fantastic game. More real games!

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