Sleipnir: The Best iOS Web Browser, Replace Safari For FREE

Sure, we have alternative browsers for iPhone such as SkyFire that enable Flash video. Most people choose to stick with native iOS Safari. Lately I’ve been using a browser that was brought to my attention.

Sleipnir . Weird name, I know. But it does bring some pretty cool features. Most noticeably: fantastic tabbed browsing, as well as full screen mode. All for FREE.

As you can see from the video above, you can flick through your different tabs without having to leave the page you are currently browsing. Once turned landscape, you have a smooth, full screen mode. And finally, you have a pretty sweet search bar with a bunch of options.

The app in general is very snappy, and fast. I’m not a big one on replacing native iOS apps, certainly not something as simple as a browser, but Sleipnir might just be my exception. It may just be the best browser for iPhone.

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