iDOS: iOS DOS Emulator Drops To FREE But With A Catch


UPDATE: Annnnnd it’s gone! You blinked and you missed it. Sorry kids, fun is over.

Our favorite DOS emulator for the iPhone / iPad is back on the AppStore, after a conflict that got it off from there in the first place a few months back. iDOS is back on the App Store, and available for FREE.

When I said catch, it’s a pretty big one. The app has removed its iTunes file sharing option which allowed you to run any game, and now comes with 6 legal shareware games which can be downloaded for free from the new “iDOS Store”.

Also new is a full virtual joystick/d-pad, and the ability to play in portrait mode on the iPhone.

So what if you want the open emulation hack? It’s still there, roughly. You can use an app like iPhone Explorer, and open the iDOS folder and dump your files in the documents folder. These files are at  /Apps/iDos/documents/ is the equivalent to C:\ inside of iDOS. This does not require you to be jailbroken.

Seeing that the hack is still there, I wouldn’t be amazed if Apple pulled this again soon. If I were you, I’d download it before it’s too late.

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  • Evan Gassman

    Looks like it was pulled. I downloaded it just in the nick of time. I went to go post a review after playing around with it but it’s gone. Can’t find it anywhere.

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