Virtua Fighter 2 Review: Very Disappointing Experience

I was soooo excited when my buddy informed me that Virtua Fighter 2 was available on the app store.  My excitement quickly faded the moment I opened it up.

Virtua Figher 2 ($1.99)

While I owned a genesis back in the day, I never really played the genesis version of Virtua Figher 2.  If this is how the game played I feel bad for the people that played this in 90′s. I did not have fun at all playing this game at all.


My first impression of the game was why does the title screen look like crap.  Couldn’t SEGA at least use a higher resolution picture? If the title screen wasn’t bad enough, playing the game wasn’t much better.

Graphics are from the 2D genesis and look extremely fuzzy on my retina screen. The games eight characters look like I’m playing a genesis game. (oh wait I am) The sound is also in one word, weaksauce, and does not make the game any better.


Controls are very clunky and unresponsive at times in full screen mode as well as the other handheld looking mode.  You move around with the standard d-pad and have the genesis standard A,B, and C buttons to defend/punch/kick. In the menu the game allows you to lookup instructions as well as controls which were slightly helpful.


Possibly the only semi-fun experience I had was battling my buddy on the multiplayer mode through bluetooth, which I was surprised I could do.


Release a whole new game SEGA, a 3D version, like the one I would dump quarters into at the Arcade.


I honestly cannot recommend this game to anyone.  Even if you have wonderful memories of playing this game at the Arcade; STAY AWAY. SEGA really dropped the ball on this one.  If you’re looking for a quality fighting game on your iOS device, try Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 or Street Fighter 4.

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