Angry Birds Valentine, Angry Birds Rio Will Be FREE. Rio With Possible Paid Versions

Here’s another case why you should be following @TheAPPera on Twitter. If you’ve been wondering whether the upcoming Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Valentine will be FREE or not, Rovio Mobile tweeted us the answers.

Here’s the breakdown. ‘Valentine will be a free update to Angry Birds Seasons (iPad: . Yes, if you own the app, you’ll get the new levels/world through an update for free. With ‘Rio, there WILL be a free version, but “there might be several versions…”.

A free version for AB Rio is obvious. It’s a game to promote the upcoming movie Rio, so it will be free. The “several versions” part is what gets us, and Rovio hasn’t released any more info regarding this version/s.

Could this be a new app with new mechanics they’ve discussed a couple months ago? Regardless, Angry Birds fans should feel pretty safe now that there are TWO free versions of their favorite game landing on their hands soon.

Valentine should release before February 14 (DUH) while Rio will be out March 2011 just like the banner above states.

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