Fantastic Fish: Freeverse’s Pocket Frogs Released, FREE!

Pocket Frogs became an instant sensation in the iOS world for the fun concept and the social part of the game. Now Freeverse has released something similar.

Since we all know Freeverse likes fish… you already know it has to do with them. Fantastic Fish for iPhone and iPod Touch is now available on the AppStore.

Fantastic Fish is a FREE app in which you can build up, breed, and collect sea creatures of all kind in your own underwater kingdom (err….aquarium). There are a variety of fish species to grow, form normal fish, to squids, and to even sharks. You can raise them all the way from the egg to adulthood. Along the way you can also collect different things for your aquarium.

Game Features:

Make Friends And Breed For Exotics
Use the power of the Plus+ network to find existing friends and make new ones with just one tap, then breed your fish with theirs to make a stunning array of Exotic and Super Exotic fish types you have to see to believe.  Keep track of your collection with the easy to use Fishopedia and collect them all!

Magical Sea Creatures
Special quests to complete collections and unlock the magical sea creatures of legend: Mermaids, Sea Dragons and more.

Fish With Personality
Incredible 3d modeled fish with countless animations and real personality.  Customize their Seas, give them names, and follow their progress as they level up and grow.

An Ever Expanding World
Fantastic Fish is an ever-expanding world of possibilities, with new fish and decorations added every single week!  The adventure never ends.

Fantastic Fish has the usual high quality animations and content expected from Freeverse, and it’s a free download, so you have nothing to loose.

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