iPad 2 Features? Try iMovie And Garageband

At the iPad 2 event, Apple took pride in showcasing two new apps for the iPad that according to them, will set the bar for developers in term of quality.

The first one, is a universal update to iMovie from the iPhone / iPod version, and GarageBand. Pretty cool huh?


Apple revealed a universal version of their current iPad app would be heading to the iPad. The iPad version will include more themes, more precise editing functionality (especially for iPad), and multi-track audio recording and more.

Although some people were not a fan of the iPhone version on such a small screen, on an iPad it can be a whole new experience, especially being able to record 720p video directly from the iPad.


The other (expected) surprise at the event was the announcement that Apple has also brought GarageBand to the iPad. The app will allow you to connect a guitar directly to the iPad using a special cable (as you can do with some current apps), but will also have several virtual instruments, like piano, guitars, drums, bass, and more.

There’s also “smart instruments” which according to Apple, will let anyone create music. The app will have 8 track recording and mixing, guitar amps and effects, over 250 loops, and will let you email the finished songs in AAC format.

Both of these will be available on March 11 for $4.99, with the launch of the iPad 2 and the public release of iOS 4.3.

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