iOS 4.3 Release Later Today Ahead Of iPad 2 Launch?

Everyone in the world knows that iPad 2 will launch this Friday. However, BGR suggested yesterday that iOS 4.3 will release ahead of the launch. They predicted yesterday. That didn’t happen so we’re predicting it at 10AM today.

Oh, and we’ve also been told iOS 4.3 will be available for download publicly at 10AM PT today. Fire up iTunes and get your update trigger-finger ready!

The quote above is from one of their sources. Obviously, iOS 4.3 didn’t happen yesterday. I follow a lot of users on Twitter, and one of them suggested that this might be true. Their reasoning is based on the fact that Apple would not want any update issues (i.e. slowness) to coincide with the iPad 2 launch.

This does makes sense. Let EVERYONE who has an iPhone 4 or under, or iPod Touch 4G or under including Apple TV update, ahead of the iPad refresh launch. I guess we’ll all wait and see if it releases later today. If it does, you heard it from us first :)

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  • Joshua

    or maybe it will come out on the 11th when apple announced it will…

    now thats an idea!

  • Gira

    Or maybe it’s out now, like it says on Apple’s website. :)

    • Anonymous

      We published this at 1AM which makes our prediction… Right :)

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