Dungeon Raid Review: Match 3 With A Purpose

I know what you’re saying already, seriously Dan, a match 3 game review? I’m going to say right back, stfu until you read it :)

Dungeon Raid ($2.99)

Dungeon Raid is not your average match 3 game. It’s not just Bejeweled where you pop gems endlessly. Here actual defense/offense strategy is involved. Could this be a start to a new breed of match 3 games? Maybe.


When it comes to presentation, the game isn’t groundbreaking, but it fits the bill. Graphics are minimum, with the board consisting of basic icons (that you’ll match) and a black background.

On the top you have an inventory for the special items you can purchase, and on the bottom an overview of what’s going on (the coins you’ve collected, your health, shield, etc.). The game has sound effects, but no soundtrack. Like I said, it isn’t groundbreaking, but it doesn’t have to be.


Like any other match 3 game, you match three figures of the same icon (or with skulls, we’ll go into that on gameplay). Instead of swapping an item to match the three though, you draw a line between them connecting the figures. Controls are simple, but work perfectly.


A simple match 3 game, Dungeon Raid is not. Although the core is matching, Dungeon Raid what drives it are RPG elements. You’ll be balancing a number of things, your health, shield, collecting coins and killing skulls.

You want to get coins to buy things, but at the same time you’ll want to match the shields to have a shield, as well as keeping an eye on the potions and attacking the skulls. That’s where the RPG elements come in. Usually on a match three game you’d be swapping one item for the one next to, or on top of it to match three.

In Dungeon Raid, you draw a line. You aim to kill the skulls on your board, which are attacking you. On the side of each skull is a tiny number telling you how much damage it will take to destroy the skull. Then you match them, as many swords as you want with as many skulls as you. Early on most skulls can be killed with a single strike, but later enemies will be much harder and will require a couple turns to end.


At first it may seem like you won’t like the same. Personally, it went from a game I didn’t really care about to a game I won’t stop playing whenever possible (and even when I shouldn’t be, sob). I’d recommend the game, it’s good, clean fun.

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