iPad 3 Will Get Spaces For iPad, Maybe iPhone 5 Too?


If you’re tired of iPhone 5 rumors already, don’t worry, it’s time for some iPad 3 rumors today. Patently Apple discovered a patent filed by Apple in 2009 which hints at Spaces for the iPad.

“Apple envisioned invoking Spaces on an iPad-like device with either a two-finger pinching gesture in a specific location or by using a five-finger tapping or pinching gesture. Various interactions be used to either switch directly between workspaces or to display a graphical representation of all workspaces for selection or to drag windows between workspaces.”

I personally find Spaces very useful on my Mac. I think it will find a great home on the iPad, and maybe to other touch screen devices as well like say the iPhone 5 perhaps? The patent was filed about 2 years ago and whether the iPad 3 releases this year or in 2012, I think it’s time for Apple to pull this out of their hats.

What do you think of Spaces for iPad? Great idea or waste of, wait for it, spaces (lol)?

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  • Anonymous

    Aha, iPad 3? Year, as the iPad 2 lack of Retina display and SD card slot, which Im looking forward to! So I would like to believe that will be on the iPad 2~
    But seems now the iPad 2 also have a blomming time!
    BTW: Some cool apps& games and Video& movies enjoy for iPad 2, such as “Get and Watch Free Movies on iPad/iPad 2″ in this iPad column.

    • Ex On47

      Hahaha! Most epic spam post ever! You actually tried to make sense, but you still failed – for some reason. And the icing on the cake was the way you just *gave away* that you’re a spammer in the end.

    • Anonymous

      Ugh. We hate these. Our spambot can’t ever seem to catch these.

  • Pat

    I think Spaces on iPad would be awesome!!! Hopefully it will be part of a System upgrade and not require upgrading my iPad 2, I just can’t keep justifying an iPad upgrade every 10-12 months!

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