EA Acquires Firemint: Real Racing Joins The Need For Speed Studio, What Now?


It may not be too obvious that EAi is paying close attention to what mobile gamers need, judging from the lack of any multiplayer on many of their games. The studio has been busy acquiring studios that can innovate. First Chillingo, and just yesterday, they’ve acquired Firemint:

“Today EA announced it has reached an agreement to acquire Firemint, a leading independent mobile development studio. Firemint is best known for acclaimed hits Flight Control and Real Racing (over 4.5 million and close to 2 million respectively).”

Unlike Chillingo’s deal, it doesn’t state what will happen to Firemint’s current staff of about 60 people. The press release also included news of another acquisition. Is this a roughly put together PR, or is this something more?

Personally, I thought Firemint is doing great all on their own. But then again, Chillingo has cornered the market and yet they sold themselves to EA. We will try and contact Firemint for more details regarding this acquisition. How do YOU feel about this?

Lastly, EA is famous for their NFS franchise. Isn’t this a direct conflict of interest with Real Racing ? What will they do about it? Package Real Racing 3 as an NFS mobile installment? Who knows? PANIC!

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