Forget iPhone 5 Release Date, Next Gen iPod Nano To Ship With Camera!

If you’re now exhausted by the many iPhone 5 rumors from its features to release date, you know you can always say screw it right? If you just did, how would you like to know that iPod Nano next gen will apparently ship with a camera:

Per Patently Apple Apple filed a patent for use of environmental sensors for screensavers. “The unique aspect of this accessory is that it will implement a wild new dynamic screen saver system that could sense the environment it is in and in a chameleon-like fashion automatically change the screen saver accordingly.”

And now, here’s where it gets better: “The patent even indirectly hints at a camera returning to the iPod nano which would support several on-going rumors.

Per Macrumors:

As one example of the technology in practice, Apple describes a screen saver displaying raindrops falling down the screen. By employing the environmental sensing, the device could automatically determine which way is down regardless of the device’s orientation, allowing the screen saver to always display the raindrops falling downward.

I still don’t see why one would just opt for a bite size iPod Touch, but I guess price definitely is a factor. Just imagine hiking through Griffith Park with this baby? You can listen to music, look at some pictures, and now… take some pictures as well? MAGICAL!

We’ll see if the camera sticks in the final and street version of this device. And no, I won’t even specify some sort of release date because there’s confusion with the iPhone 5 as is!

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