iPhone 5 Release Date Not Known But Rest Assured It Is Google Equipped

Though Apple is keeping mum on when iPhone 5 will be releasing or any of its other details (as usual), Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman revealed that they’ve just renewed their Maps and Search partnerships with Apple:

“We just renewed our Map and Search agreements with Apple, and we hope those continue for a long time.” Schmidt spoke during the conference/interview with AllThings D9 last night.

This news/update comes as a shock to those who believed the rumors that Apple is developing their own Maps based on recent company hirings. Although it would have been interesting to see what Apple can come up on their own, Google’s has powered iOS for this long and it wouldn’t make sense to rid of them.

Besides, this doesn’t mean that Apple has not developed something that will improve or strengthen Search and Maps features that will get along nicely with existing Google features.


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  • Olliemillsboo

    i hate apple soo much!!!!!! all they do is bring out every year is a new iphone, ipad….. and i think it is absolutly discusting!!!! and they are holding back new tecnologyiess for a new iphone next year!!!!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WICXBRYIKOBXJDVITG5L3G2A5Y Davidface

      Think about what you’re saying. Why does Apple owe anyone new technology? They don’t have to do anything. They don’t owe anyone.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WICXBRYIKOBXJDVITG5L3G2A5Y Davidface

    Apple should end their partnership with Google, at least where Maps are concerned. Google doesn’t know the difference between East and West. They also make up roads which don’t exist. If you’re relying on Google Maps, you had better give yourself an extra hour to reach your destination. I don’t use that app. I bury it in a folder and use Map Quest.

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