iPad 3 Rumors: Evidence For 2048×1536 “Retina Display” Screen And Release Date

While a lot of people are hotly anticipating and tracking iPhone 5 release date, we understand a lot of you are also interested in iPad 3 rumors. This can be anywhere between what are its new features and when it will release. Last week, Macrumors posted via TechUnwrapped:

“New clues regarding a possible 2048×1536 iPad display were reported today by Techunwrapped. Their tipster noticed the Twitter.framework within the iOS SDK had huge images, twice the size needed for the current iPad.”

From TechUnwrapped:

As I was going through the iOS SDK I came across some images in the new Twitter .framework. The resolution appears to be 1,536 x 2,048.  The Twitter.framework is the only framework I found to have these enormous images.

TechUnwrapped goes on to predict that iPad 3 will release around iOS 5 release date this Fall. Macrumors and myself think otherwise. This is very little info to predict any release date whatsoever. I agree however, that Apple is looking to add some sort of retina display on the next generation iPad.

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  • http://twitter.com/TheAviator1992 Stephen Ragell

    i personally hope there is a Fall release, since I held out on getting the iPad 2 so I could get a Retina Display! :)

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