iPad 3 Release Date News And Rumors: Dock Connector Image Pops Up

When one rumors fails (namely Lion release, new MacBook Airs), another surely step in for it. This time we have what Apple.pro claims to be an iPad 3 dock connector. Yes, you read that right, a dock connector, not a screen or bezel, a dock connector.

The part isn’t unique to Apple, it’s a relatively standard one and it doesn’t exactly say anything about the specs on the upcoming iPad. The only thing it does reveal is that the dock connector is white, rather than the black one on the iPad 2.

It’s possible that the white dock connector is just a modified case, with the dock connector being white on the white iPad model, as it is on the white iPhone 4. There’s no guarantee that these pictures are real, but here’s what we know.

Apple.pro has a good track record of posting genuine Apple parts, the latest one being the small touchscreen on the new nano. And on the picture itself, the part has a similar form factor, and an updated part number (from the 821-1180-A in the iPad 2 to 821-1259-06). Lastly, the tail end makes a 90-degree turn, rather than being straight like the iPad 2.

So whether these pictures are real or fake (that ‘Happy Birthday to Liv’ mark makes me wonder), we don’t know if this will be for the iPad 3, or the rumored iPad HD or iPad Pro. We’ll just have to wait for another leak, or just wait for Apple to officially announce it. Can we just wait folks?

[via MacRumors]

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