Cut the Rope Comic Con Reveal: Nom Nom Gets Comics Deal Ala Pocket God!

Well here’s a surprise. Zepto Labs’ revealed at Comic Con that their hit game, Cut the Rope , will be getting it’s own digital comic, with a backstory to the game. Now this may sound familiar, like when Pocket God got their own comics, and well, that’s because Ape Entertainment is taking care of these too.

Mashable has the exclusive first look at the comic book (picture above), as well as some more. More after the jump. ZeptoLab Chairman Misha Lyalin said people love Om Nom, but that he didn’t have a story. Now he does.

The Cut the Rope comic series is set to debut as an iOS app sometime in late August, with a print version scheduled for a later date. If you’re at Comic-Con, ZeptoLab is there, along with the Ape Entertainment crew. You can drop by to get a preview of the comic, meet the artist, and take pictures with a life-sized Om Nom character (just don’t feed him).




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