Blobster Review: Think Super Mario iPhone If He Ever Melted Into Rubber

Nintendo wouldn’t ever make Super Mario iPhone, but we got the next best thing. Blobster is both fun and entertaining platform game that tests your aiming and accuracy skills.

Blobster (iPhone: $0.99  | iPad: $1.99 )

The objective of the game is to flick this cute blob of a monster through the different levels while collecting points and avoiding evil creatures. The design of the game is very simple. The background is very scenic and bright since it takes place in Blobtopia.


I really like that lots of colors were incorporated in the game because it makes the game lively and appealing to the player. The colors all blend well together, which makes the game more fun to play.

The soundtrack is both fun and upbeat, which is appropriate for a game that takes place with such a colorful background. There are also sound effects as well that make the game more interactive while you play it. (There are options to turn down the music/sound effects if you choose to).


The controls of the game are easy. You are primarily just flicking the character to get from level to level. There are control options in this game. There are two options you have to direct the character right or left. One option is to simply tap the screen. Another option is tilt control. You can change the settings depending on your preference.


The game itself is pretty easy to follow. There is a cute comic when you first begin the game that gives the player some background about Blobster and what the game is about. The whole game is basically about trying to flick Blobster across different levels while trying to collect points and avoid evil creatures.

Each level gets more challenging with added elements and obstacles in the way. In trying to get through the levels, you are also trying to unlock levels as well as different Blobster characters such as Blobette (“the femme fatale of Blobtopia) and Combat Blobster.

There are about 40 levels, as well as 12 bonus levels you can give as a gift to your friends. This game is also has leaderboards on GameCenter so you can match up against your friends to see how they’re doing in the game.


In conclusion, I thought this was a good platform game. It’s a cute and fun game to play. I love the colorful levels because it made the game more interactive. The soundtrack and effects also made the game entertaining to play. It was easy and simple to follow along, which is why I think anyone would easily get into.

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