Cut The Rope: Experiments Review: Still Awesome And Definitely More Challenging


The only other puzzle game that was able to take on Rovio Mobile’s Angry Birds for an extended period of time was Cut the Rope . Now its sequel arrives!

Cut the Rope: Experiments (iPhone: $0.99  | iPad: $1.99 )

There’s really not much I can say here. The levels still look as good and polished as they did in the first game. The backgrounds are a bit different, fitting in more with the “Experiments” title, but that’s about it.


That’s not a bad thing though, seeing as how the first one was already adorable and great. Om Nom’s animations (specially the one of him pointing to the candy then his mouth) still gets me every time. It may be simple, but it’s as polished as games come for iOS.


Although new elements have been introduced, the controls remain fairly simple, as with the first. You still swipe on the screen to cut the rope, tap to pop the bubbles, etc. Whenever a new element is introduced, you’re told how to use it (example: you tap on the suction cups to either suck or let go). They’re nothing to worry about, in fact they feel natural, as if they’d been there since last time.




If you’ve never played Cut the Rope, the concept is simple. You have candy, and you have Om Nom. And you cut the rope(s) to get the candy to Om Nom. Of course it’s not that simple as you go on, you get spikes, bubbles, etc.

But you get the idea. And now we have Cut the Rope: Experiments. The concept is still the same, but it adds a lot of new elements and gadgets to the mix. You may think of this almost as an expansion pack to Cut the Rope, and while that may be true, it still breathes fresh air into the game.


Some of the new elements of the game include the rope launcher, and suction cups. ZeptoLab did a great job implementing these into the game, they feel natural, as if they had been there since the original game, but manage to add a whole new dimension to the gameplay. Experiments has 75 levels, split up into three sections, with the first 25 going over the basics in case you have somehow not played the game already.


Cut the Rope has been an instant hit for iPhone, and it’s been less than a year (yes I checked). I really don’t see a reason not to recommend this to you, unless for some reason you hated the first. But who could possibly hate Om Nom? Dude’s adorable. I highly recommend Cut the Rope Experiments.

I’d still give this game a 9/10 even though there’s not much new stuff was added. Zepto Labs was simply trying to venture out on their own much like Rovio Mobile did. I’d give it another update or two before this sequel distances or at least introduces new mechanics to the game. MUST BUY!

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