Epic War TD, Siege Hero: Amazingly Fun FREE iPhone Games Today Only


You’ve always have to love the days when two extremely high quality games drop to the price of FREE even for just one day. These two games are MUST HAVES:

Siege Hero

How many of you have gotten frustrated when playing Angry Birds? You get stuck on one level and then you can’t play anymore until you pass that level? Then you don’t play the game for a month because the level is too hard? Well I have a game for you… Siege Hero!

Epic War TD

“Enjoy MASSIVE BATTLES at screaming fast 60FPS (benchmark for iPhone 4). 10 Unique levels with up to 60 waves per level. 5 Different towers to create real massacre. 14 types of enemies to annihilate.”


What are you waiting for? Download both iPhone games right now!


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