Gum Drop! Review: For Once, A Fantastic Game For Kids AND Adults!

Gum Drop is a fun and easy game that tests precision and timing. The objective of this game is that you must match the words on the gum drops to the picture on the right side.

Gum Drop! (iPhone: $0.99  | iPad: $1.99 )

“Match words and objects before your swaying stack of growing gumdrops hits the top. tap the best blocks to clear stages and score huge combos. Gum Drop! is a crazy, colorful puzzler that puts the object recognition part of your brain to the ultimate test. ”


Don’t let this game fool you. It looks like a very simple game, but it’s more challenging than it seems. The design of the game reminds me of a game board. Visually it’s very colorful and bright. The soundtrack is fun and upbeat, which is appropriate for a game about gum drops.

There are also sound effects as well that make the game more interactive while you play it. (There are options to turn down the music/sound effects if you choose to).


The main control of the game is to tap the picture when you see it appear on the gum drop. There are no control options, but time is a factor. You want to tap the pictures as quickly as you can otherwise the gumdrops will inch higher and higher to the top.


This game is as simple as any game can be. When you begin, there is a little intro story about the gum drops, which is cute and gives you background about the game. The game is all about matching the words to the pictures as fast as you can before the gum drops reach the top.

If you wait too long, it goes higher, or if you tap the wrong picture, the gum drops elevate more quickly. Once the gum drops reach the top, the game is over. The higher you get, the more objects appear, which makes it hard to find the right picture.

This game has leaderboards on GameCenter so you can challenge your friends and see how well they do in the game.


To sum the game up, I thought it was really fun to play. I thought the game was going to be easy because it’s just a matching game, but looks are deceiving and was more challenging that I thought it would be. I thought that this game has options of different languages so you can test your knowledge of words in other languages, which is perfect if you want to challenge yourself.

This would be a good educational tool for children to learn more words and increase their vocabulary. I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun and easy game to play.

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