iPad 3 Rumors, Release Date And Features? Dual OLED Backlight, More Gestures?

Apple patents making the news is nothing new. Three of them at the same time, that’s something else. On the plate this time we have a dual OLED backlighting system for the iPad 3, integrated speaker clip for the iPod nano, and new hold and swipe multi-touch gestures for the iOS devices.

Get the details on all of them after the jump.

Dual OLED Backlighting

Digitimes claims that Apple is considering an alternative backlighting system for the iPad 3, with a dual-LED light bar. This would solve the backlight issues that people have been experiencing on the iPad 2. PatentlyApple shows the patent could not only apply to the future iPad, but also the next iPhone, Cinema Display, MacBook, and iMac.

“The bonding of the OLED backlight in the LCD may also increase the mechanical rigidity of the LCD, which may enable the use of thinner glass substrates and possibly reduce the thickness of the overall device. Further, an OLED backlight may generally be thinner than a typical LED backlight, and may also provide improved light uniformity without the use of light guides or additional brightness enhancing films.”


Speaker for iPod Nano

PatentlyApple has posted company plans to use use a small, integrated piezoelectric speaker clip on the future iPod nano (and perhaps shuffle), like the existing nano. Apple plans on using Kapton polyimide film in the design. This would come in handy for users who don’t want the hassle of using headphones, or perhaps can’t in a certain situation. A iPod nano watch with speakers? Yes please.

More Gestures

Finally, the last patent has to do with gestures to manipulate objects, enhancing their visibility. PatentlyApple explains the gestures best:

“In one example, a user may perform a “swipe then hold” touch input gesture, leaving a finger on the display screen of the electronic device. The electronic device then may pan and zoom onto any objects along a direction vector of the user’s swipe gesture or, more generally, along a directional path associated with the user’s swipe gesture. The user may vary the speed and/or direction of such cycling by moving the finger to the left or to the right and/or by tilting the orientation of the display screen.”

“…when a user selects a particular person’s face in an image and performs the touch input gesture, the electronic device may begin to automatically cycle through other images that also contain the face of the identified person.”

Pretty exciting stuff, we can’t wait to see Apple implement these one day.

[via 9to5Mac]

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