Minecraft iPhone, iPad, Age of Zombies Anniversary, Homerun Battle 2 & More GREAT New Releases!


Did you wake up this fine Monday morning thinking you need a set of brand new games? Here are the very best games released recently.

Age of Zombies Anniversary – $0.99 

From Halfbrick, creators of Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash and Jetpack Joyride comes the special Anniversary HD edition of their iOS smash hit, Age of Zombies. Remastered and with all-new exclusive content, this is the definitive version of the mega-hit action adventure!

As a special exclusive bonus, Anniversary players also receive a never before seen story chapter… The Wild West! Jam packed with new zombies, new weapons and new achievements to earn!

Bullet Time HD – Free 

They took all he had and left him for dead! In a vivid post-apocalyptic world you’ll join the engaging story of John Irish as he strives to reclaim his family from the cold grasp of a savage breed of mutated beasts.

Welcome to the universe of Bullet Time – an epic action adventure story like no-other in the App Store!

Extraction: Project Outbreak – $0.99 

Experience this explosive top-down 3D shooter inspired by retro classics and designed specifically for a touch screen. Clandestine government experiments on military personnel and POW’s have gone wrong, unleashing an outbreak of infected soldiers on the area surrounding the secret facility.

You play a hardened Private Military Contractor, drafted in to exterminate the infected. Featuring a unique one-finger control system, incredible visuals, a variety of weapons, four game modes, upgrades and more, Extraction will blow you away.


Homerun Battle 2 – $4.99 

6 Million Sluggers Worldwide 200 Million Online Matchups, NOW the Ultimate Homerun Derby Returns: HOMERUN BATTLE 2!

Back and better than ever, the beloved real-time worldwide slugger battle has a sequel! Prepare to play the best mobile baseball hitting game against sluggers worldwide.


Katana Jack! – $0.99 

Welcome to Katana Jack! The first game finger-painted on the iPad where you will see how the game’s artwork was created. Relive the adventures of Jack going through the most beautiful sceneries in Japan in this classic platform adventure.

You must destroy all the lanterns that don’t allow Jack to sleep. If you break the lighted lanterns following the established order you will be rewarded with more stars. And each new stage of the game requires a minimum number of stars to enter.

Minecraft Pocket Edition – $7.99 

Imagine it, build it. Create worlds on the go with Minecraft – Pocket Edition. Minecraft – Pocket Edition allows you to build on the go.

Use blocks to create masterpieces as you travel, hangout with friends, sit at the park, the possibilities are endless. Move beyond the limits of your computer and play Minecraft everywhere you go.


Raccoon Rising – $0.99v

Somewhere in the forest there lies a sleepy raccoon, but an army of robots threatens to destroy his home. It is up to you to help him dodge enormous tree crushing machines, stomp deadly turtle cannons and slice through flying robo-squids to liberate the animals of the woods.

Raccoon Rising is a physics-based platformer with revolutionary touch controls built for iOS that let you decide where, when and how to rise against the robots.


RPM: Gymkhana Racing – $2.99 

Race around the world doing burnouts, destroying stuff and drifting like a pro. RPM: Gymkhana Racing is an Acrobatic Racing game inspired by the gymkhana motorsport.

RPM focuses heavily on drift control, near misses (or hits) and the ability to deal with multiple curves and chicanes in one fast, controlled swipe. Losing grip and wiping out is your only adversary here.


Spy Mouse HD – $2.99 

Danger. Intrigue. Stealth. Cheese! It’s SPY mouse HD for iPad! With all new exclusive content, features and HD quality graphics, help Agent Squeak feed his need for cheese as he embarks on his biggest, bite-sized mission ever!



Superman – $0.99  / HD 

THE OFFICIAL SUPERMAN GAME Become Superman to save the city of Metropolis in an all-new adventure for iPhone and iPad! As the Man of Steel, only you can protect humanity with your incredible powers.

Saving the Earth is just another day for Superman, but this is most certainly not just another iOS game.


The Oregon Trail: American Settler – Free 

Experience a brand new adventure of The Oregon Trail! You’ve conquered the trail, now it’s time to tame the frontier! In this continuation of The Oregon Trail story, you and your family can finally settle down and build a new home.

Create your own personalized frontier village by adding buildings, livestock, crops and taking care of your people’s happiness.

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