iPhone 4 Siri, iPad 3 Siri Soon? UI Developer With Relations To Leaked Mock Siri Design HIRED By Apple

If you do something illegally or at least anything a big company doesn’t like, would you rather get hired by them or get persecuted for it? Geohotz chose the former with his PS3 battles, and it seems like UI designer Jan-Michael Cart (Siri mock up leaker) has decided to join Apple. He writes:

“And like that, my time has come — I am now a member of the Apple community. I will still update my website with random small portfolio additions. I will also open up the blog portion of my website to document my day-to-day happenings in Cupertino. Stay tuned!”

This video below shows one of Cart’s work. This is a mock up of what Macrumors knew then as iOS 5′s “Assistant” feature later turning out to be what we know now as Siri:

I think Cart made the right choice, and what kind of projects do you think he’ll get involved in? Oh I don’t know? iPad 3 Siri interface seems a perfect fit for him don’t you think?!?

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