iPad 3 Release Date Rumors & News: Rear Shell Suggests Large Battery, Minor Changes

I’m personally hoping for a drastic redesign of the iPad and maybe some really killer features, but I’ve learned to not put my expectations high. It also helps that I keep tabs on iPad 3 rumors for a while now. Check out this rear shell image:

RepairLabs reports that it has received a photo of what is claimed to the inside of the rear shell of the iPad 3, comparing the part to the corresponding version found on the iPad 2. The iPad 3 version demonstrates a few minor changes compared to the iPad 2.”

Many have theorized that since the next iPad might have retina display and a quadcore processor, it will need a bigger battery. Taking this into account, it seems like the device will be a little thicker. You may not see it on the image above, but others point out minor changes in rear camera and LCD display mount.

What features are you looking forward to?

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  • Julia Lynch

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  • Mohit Verma

    Any idea of the price point of iPad 3 over iPad 2?

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