First Look At Angry Birds Space, Straight From The Space Station


Rovio Mobile is going full out to promote their upcoming game, Angry Birds Space, as much as they can. The latest teaser for it includes non-other than an actual NASA astronaut up on the International Space Station, giving a small lesson on Angry Birds and physics.

The highlight of the video (other than finally seeing some footage of the game), definitely has to be seeing an angry bird flung across the space station.

Joystiq has some screenshots of some of the levels up on their site, as well as some details on the game. Angry Birds Space will have 60 levels, new birds, new abilities, secret bonus levels, and of course, the cool gravity tricks and space physics you saw in the video above. And as with all the other Angry Birds games, Rovio has plans for “regular free updates”. Angry Birds Space is due on March 22nd.

[via TouchArcade]


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