New iPad Retina Displays Shipping From Sharp Soon: iPhone 5 Screens From Them Too?

Do you think Sharp will supply iPhone 5 displays as well? According to The Wall Street Journal, Japanese Corporation Sharp is currently producing retina displays for Apple’s new iPad and expects to begin shipments “as soon as possible”.

The initial batch of displays for the new iPad seem to be from Samsung, but Sharp and LG are also expected to supply displays as well.

The panels are to be used in Apple Inc.’s new iPad, according to people familiar the matter. The first batch of the U.S. company’s newest tablet, released Friday, were not equipped with Sharp’s LCD panels after the Japanese company faced difficulty in customizing the screens according to Apple’s requirements, one of the people said last week

It’s worth noting that there have been many reports of New iPad’s with a  ”warmer” display than the iPad 2 screen. From the screen above you can see that the iPad 3 (left) appears to have jaundice.  Defective displays anyone?

[via macrumors, WSJarstechnica]

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