iPhone 5 Release Date? Why Apple Still May Release 7.85″ iPad Mini

We previously reported rumors of a possible 7.85 inch iPad;  DigiTimes later claimed that Apple’s manufacturing partners have delivered samples of the smaller iPad to Apple. But with the success of the New iPad, is a smaller tablet still a possibility?

Appadvice outlines why releasing a smaller iPad would make sense:

Because the original iPad screen was set at a pixel resolution of 1024 x 768, it’s a good guess that the mythical iPad mini — in order to simplify and streamline third-party development as much as possible — will need to sport that same resolution (or, like the new iPad, a multiple thereof). Of course, the entire proposed point of the mini is to keep production costs low enough to hawk it for between $250 and $300, which pretty much meansno Retina display. So, 1024 x 768 will have to do.

And, boy, does it ever. If you do the math, a 7.85-inch tablet with a resolution of 1024 x 768 works out to a PPI of 163. 163!

Apple and its manufacturing partners — who’ve been making original spec iPhone and iPod touch screens for almost five years now — have all the machinery they need to make 163 PPI displays, and costs to do so are cheaper than ever.

I’m still not convinced, I get Apple could create a 7.85-inch tablet, but with no retina? It does not seem likely that Apple would be looking to release a smaller screen iPad, so close to the New iPad’s release.

[via appadvice, macrumors]

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  • Vlad Divatz

    Jesus….how is this related in any way to the iPhone 5 and its release date ?

    It’s a shame what has become of the appera: bunch of spamming idiots.

  • http://profiles.google.com/kingofhypocrites Levi Page

    Spam garbage. i’ll never use this site again

  • Kevin McClintock

    terrible ideas here and an utter waste of my time i decided to tell you why it is so. if you had read anything about what “retina” is defined as by apple you would know all their future products will have 2k or 4k resolution or higher. get with the program or get replaced.

  • http://www.lovefreeiphone.com/ Free IPhone & Free Gadgets

    im waiting for the ipad mini to come out 

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