Sphero Ball Fantastic: A Magic Ball Controlled By Your iPhone, E3 2012

Those days of iCopter and different iOS controlled RC cars and planes are over, it’s time for some balls baby. Yesterday we previewed a cool new gadget which I think many of you will enjoy. Check out Sphero:

Bringing together a unique fusion of mixed-reality gaming and robotics, Sphero enables several new types of game play for mobile devices. Play in the real world, control it from your smartphone, or play in the virtual world using Sphero as a controller. Your experience changes with every new app you download.

Purchase Includes

  • Sphero robotic ball and inductive charging base
  • Quick Start card and user manual
  • Free apps available through the iTunes App Store or Google Play
  • Bluetooth controlled robotic ball – 50 foot plus range
  • Multi-colored LED capable of producing thousands of colors
  • Reach speeds of up to 3 feet per second with precise control
  • Internal guidance system including gyro and accelerometer
  • Induction charging

You’ll see us playing with the ball initially above. The video below shows an unreleased game where it’s a vertical shooter. The difference being you’ll be using Sphero as the controller especially for those instances that require a full 360 control:

The gadget is available now for $129.99! What do you think? Will you be purchasing one?

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