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#iPhone MMS Arrives. Win iPhone/Touch Case Worth $10 #Promocode Follow Friday!

Just because we’re super elated that iPhone MMS has finally arrived, we’re doing a very cool special #FollowFriday. You can WIN a $10 gift certificate from Boxwave. So do you want to win? or do you WANT to win? Read on to find out how.

AT&T: By The Powers Vested Upon Us, iPhone MMS Arrives Sept 25!

The “official carrier of the failures in life” AT&T has finally announced that they got their act together MMS is FINALLY coming for OS 3.0 users for both the iPhone, 3G and 3GS! I’ve fallen a mere days off track of my Rock N Roll MMS prediction, but whatever, I came pretty close. Yeah yeah [...]

Beejive IM: Video Attachments? No Problem!

If you’re still trying to decide which premium IM service app to get, maybe this will be the kicker. Beejive IM ($9.99) has just been updated to support video attachments as well! Video attachments work ONLY for 3GS however. Just the same with picture attachments, you can choose from an already recorded video or a [...]

Update-Gate Is Back!

Yep,  the Apple bug is back alive and kicking after the holiday? Remember those 100 or so updates I had to do BEFORE July 4th? Well looks like Cupertino is back to work giving me 26 more updates: Here’s a list of the most note worthy updates already. We’ll continue to weed out the good [...]

Best Recent Updates From Update-Gate Yesterday!

Here are a some of the most noteworthy updates that got released yesterday. Make sure you update! There’s a whole lot of them. If you didn’t think you should buy these before, now is the time: Pocket God ($0.99) – Episode 20: Stop My App Is On Fire got released. I will not tell you [...]

Apple Lets Us Have It. Gazillion App Updates Today!

Well someone got approve happy at Cupertino. They’ve held on our updates for far too long, and now I felt getting slapped multiple times with this messsage throughout the day: I woke up today at 10AM hoping I’d start my holiday early but Alas!, first update 39, then 53, then 29 and now for the [...]

XROAD’s G-Map Rolls Out Turn By Turn Direction With OS 3.0!

AT&T and their GPS app is no longer the SOLE GPS app to feature turn by turn direction. GMAP with the release of OS 3.0 a couple of weeks ago rolls out their app with the highly commended 3.0 feature. GMap US West ($34.99; East Version) [Original Review] Full rundown on the new features: Voice-prompted [...]

“Hottest Girls” Sells Out Earlier Than Transformers 2!!!

Transformers 2 is/was touted to break every box office records that it can. Although it did strong showing for midnight screenings and first day total counts, something has sold out FASTER than they did! Ladies and gentlemen, the first porn app / perv app / nudity app has SOLD OUT! Hottest Girls has sold out!!! [...]

Tips For Upgrading To OS 3.0

How to make it faster? Apple doesn’t have an app for that, but fortunately, I’m here to offer some handy tips.

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