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RAGE, RAGE HD Review: Groundbreaking iOS Masterpiece

Before you say anything about this game, yes it is on rails, but so what? If the game will live and die as an “on rails” shooter, then so be it. The game’s graphics look so amazing that I consider this one of the best iOS shooters, on rails or not.


Doodle Army Review: A Stickman Game We Can Actually Get Behind [WIN A COPY!]

Doodle Army is able to find to right balance to attract both shooter fans and the kids who simply love stick games. The training level immediately shows the great voice acting which alone will hook you to play the game.

Mr. Cond Review: Why Does This Game Exist? For Protection!

Mr. Cond. Yes, you heard that right. A game themed with condoms and semen, which tries to do what a condom does best – contraception. Mr. Cond ($0.99) **WE HAVE IMAGES AFTER THE JUMP. IT’S NOT THE MOST CHARMING SIGHT SO WE DIDN’T PUT THEM ON FRONTPAGE** You prevent the sperm from getting it past [...]

1942: FIRST STRIKE Review: All Out Air Strike

First Strike is a new shooter for the App Store, and a very good one at that. You can never have too much of these games. 1942: FIRST STRIKE ($2.99) This is not a new genre, so this game had better be good to stand out from a very crowded market, and I think that [...]

BATTLE BEARS -1 Review: Welcome To Free Moving Rainbow Teddy Bear Era!

The first BATTLE BEARS was groundbreaking of sorts since it gave way to cute and unexplainable bear shooting fun. Is the prequel a hit as well? BATTLE BEARS -1 ($0.99) Kidding aside, the BATTLE BEARS became extra popular to iPhone games simply because of its epic cut scenes, story and good control schemes and weapons. [...]

Zombie Infection Review: Highly Infectious Zombie Shooter

While Capcom has succesfully created Resident Evil 4 iPhone, it has not said anything about Resident Evil 5. Thankfully, this game fills the void. Zombie Infection ($6.99) When I said this game fills the void, I meant it actually looks very inspired by RE5 from its locations, to the characters and even the alligator hawking [...]

Espgaluda II Review: Great Game But Slower Devices Can’t Handle It

This game can be called many things; addicting, spectacular, beautiful, even retro or classic. Espgaluda II ($8.99; FREE) But this game is certainly demanding if nothing else. This requires an iPhone 3GS or greater, but does it really need to? Read on to see.

Eliminate Pro Review Quickie: Released Globally! No More Fake Canucks!

ngmoco‘s highly anticipated FULL online multiplayer FPS Eliminate Pro was first released October 30 in Canada alone for some server testing. Yesterday we posted some tips on how to download the game for FREE by being a fake Canadian. Well you don’t have to go through loops and holes to be a fake Canadian because [...]

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