BREAKING: Audiosurf May Finally Arrive For The iPhone

**UPDATE: We checked on Dylan regarding the overwhelming response and demand on Audiosurf for the iPhone. He says this is a great motivation for him. Let’s show him more support!**

“Dylan Fitterer Regarding An Audiosurf for iPhone: I’M ON IT!!!”

We remember seeing somewhere in the past that Dylan Fitterer, Audiosurf Developer, was asked wether he sees an iPhone version of the very popular Audiosurf game in our future. All he said was something along the lines of: “it will take Apple to possiby open the iPod library access” before he can start working on iPhone version.


Well with today’s keynote/preview for the new iPhone OS 3.0, one of the new features announced was: THE OPENING OF IPOD LIBRARY to be accessible by other applications! After the announcement, there was no question, we scrambled to email and contact Dylan with this exciting news!

We sent Dylan this message a couple of hours ago:

Hey Dylan,

We hope you saw the Apple announcement regarding iPhone OS 3.0, and how they’re opening the iPod library to be accessible from applications. This means that there is no way Audiosurf cannot work with the iPhone anymore.

I know the beta build of iPhone OS 3.0 is already available for download for developers enrolled in iPhone Developer Program.

Well anyway, think about it. We’re just excited that Audiosurf may finally come to the iPhone! Thanks!

To which he directly replied:


I’m on it.

For those not in the know, Audiosurf is an award winning game where “its track-like stages visually mimic the music the player chooses, while the player races across several lanes collecting colored blocks that appear in sync with the music.”



More Information:

Audiosurf Official Site

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