Camera+ Pulled From The AppStore Due To Volume Shutter Easter Egg? [BREAKING]


While we do not certainly wish ill thoughts to devs or any of their apps, it’s hard to symphathize with TapTapTap especially if they had a hand. We suggested that when TapTapTap posted a web unlock for Camera+‘s rejected feature, this could happen and we *think it did:

The easter egg and unlock in question was an encrypted link posted on TapTapTap’s twitter account which has since been deleted. This unlock gives Camera+ owners the ability to use the device’s physical volume control or headphone remote volume buttons.

Apple had it clearly laid down on their developer contract that such easter eggs be noted when submitting apps. TapTapTap clearly knows this as judged from this post:

When Apple finds out about these incidents, they tend to crack down pretty hard on them, sometimes going so far as completely banning the developers from the App Store. So this is definitely not the smart way to go.

It seems they should have followed their instincts and should have NOT posted the unlock on Twitter. Apple rejected the feature for a reason and thus it shouldn’t be spread behind their backs.

Why We Think It’s Pulled:

  1. The app has disappeared from the Top Paid charts. It was around the Top 5 just tonight.
  2. The main TapTapTap page doesn’t list Camera+ as one of its apps.
  3. When you try and purchase the app, the screenshot above is what shows up.
  4. I had an update pending for the app and it’s now disappeared from the pending updates tab on iTunes and on my iPhone as well.

We don’t think TapTapTap will not appeal this decision by Apple. We hope it gets sorted out. This is a great app, and it’s a shame to see it disappear for an arguably “small” issue.

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