Mirror’s Edge iPhone $1.99 Sale And Other EA Mobile Epic Sales!


Prepare for some iPhone gaming sale posts today because someone owes me a huge explanation. For some reason, iPhone developers are doing mostly $0.99 – $1.99 firesale for no reason. Let’s start with EA Mobile, Mirror’s Edge along with these are $1.99 each:

  • RISK
  • MONOPOLY Here & Now

I seriously recommend you buy Mirror’s Edge for $1.99. Though shorter than the PC/Mac version and a little watered down, it’s still an insane game for an even more insane price. But wait, the $0.99 sales await you after the jump.

Download these games for the amazing price of $0.99:

  • Spore Creatures
  • Doom RPG
  • Need For Speed Shift

Among the list above, definitely download NFS Shift since that’s a really good game and it’s the lowest it’s ever been. Brace yourselves iPhone gamers, there’s going to be a huge hole in your pockets by day’s end.

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