Dream Track Nation Review: Little Big Planet iPhone, iPad Racing… Kinda!

There’s Real Racing 2 which is easily the best racing game in the App Store ever, then there’s cute arcade racing games like this one.

Dream Track Nation (Universal: $0.99)

“In Dream Track Nation let your imagination run wild as you race to the finish in some of the craziest, most colorful and downright silly racetracks you’ve ever seen! Collect stars, use power-ups and jump huge gaps in this unique take on arcade racing.”


The graphics of the game are basic, but it adds a basic, cartoon-ish feel to the game, not overloading it with unneeded graphics. The music that goes along also fits perfectly with the rest of the style of the game. My only complain would be that the level design in some of the later designs aren’t great, going from super-easy to super difficult. The last levels just felt cheap.


The controls are simple, if you’ve ever played Jelly Car you may be familiar with them. You have an accelerate and a brake button on the bottom sides of the screen, and you tilt the device to control the direction your car is facing (so you can do flips, etc.)


I wanted to enjoy the game, but honestly it’s been a bit of hit and miss with me. The reason is simple. The game’s strong point is that it has a lot of content, you have to give them that. However the difficulty is up and down, and most of the time its quite simple.

For early levels (and even some of the later levels) I simply just pressed the accelerator and it was pretty straight forward, with tilting not even mattering. It just feels a bit boring. The multiplayer portion of the game was quite fun though.

The other thing Dream Track Nation features is a level editor, which should add more content to the game, since it is fully featured. You can add all the elements from the game levels, like power-ups, ramps, loops, etc.

Here’s the problem with it: it’s practically impossible to use on the iPhone. There’s no tutorial on how to use it, or anything. And worse, there’s no check or anything to make sure the levels you upload are playable.


I want to love Dream Track Nation, and the above doesn’t sound great. Here’s the deal, it’s a dollar, and it’s universal. It’s got a lot of potential, and parts of it are pretty fun, but there’s a lot of things holding it, and it’s buggy. If you think none of that bothers you, go ahead and buy it, it’s not a bad game, it just needs some more polish.

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