iOS 5 New Feature? iOS 6, iPhone 5, iPad 3 To Possibly Feature Thunderbolt

As always, Patently Apple keeps us informed on newly published patents from Apple. In this case, the site points us towards three new patents related to various ways to use Thunderbolt technology. The interesting part is that among those, is the mention of Thunderbolt being used on iOS devices.

There are few potentials for this, such as faster charging (by better heat dissipation) among other things. More after the break.

Before going into the details of this main patent in their series of three, it should be noted that Apple states in their secondary patent application that “the present invention, connection may also be a new type of connection.” For example, “a connection may be provided between a portable media player and a display, a computer and a portable media player, or between other types of devices.”

Although some of the applications discuss handling higher voltage for faster charging, but lower voltages for just passing data signals. To have multiple voltages, the parent describes ways to integrating voltage reduction circuitry only on the devices that need the stepped-down voltage. Cool stuff folks, make sure to read the extensive post at Patently Apple.

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